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Ouvert tous les jours midi et soir à partir du 21juin.
Nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer la nomination du restaurant dans le Michelin 2013.
Notre chef Johan Carrion a donc décroché sa première référence dans le fameux guide rouge.
Quant à l'hôtel il poursuit sa route entamé  depuis plusieurs années dans ce même guide.

Le restaurant reconnu par les Logis international et le Parc régional du Vercors, vous présente sa "nouvelle formule à petit prix" et la carte été élaboré par notre chef Johan Carrion. Un restaurant confortable, contemporain et un service attentif pour apprécier une cuisine gourmande qui invite à la découverte de notre région. Réservation au (Ouvert du 15/12 au 15/04 et du 25/05 au 15/09/2013).

La Roseraie c'est : se sentir bien dans une chambre claire et boisée à la décoration soignée, bienvenue chez nous...
Consulter notre page promotion pour découvrir nos offres spéciales.
Bien être à la Roseraie : profiter d'une séance de réflexologie plantaire "la détente à l'état pure". Unique à Villard de Lans : penser à réserver !
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Origin of our products

The organic veal from La Ferme "Les Colibris" farm

On the Vercors plateau, a farm in the heart of the Méaudrais, an organic agriculture.
The animals grow at their own pace in the heart of the Vercors pastures. The breed of blondes from Aquitaine is naturally bred by Mr. ROCHAS. Breastfeeding breed. The calf we present to you, from organic farming, a rosé calf (calves fed on the mother's milk, grass and fodder from the farm).

Salmon Fillet Salma de Tine

SALMA salmon fillet is produced using innovative technology.
This technology consists of cutting the salmon into skinless, boneless fillets and vacuum packaging in less than 4 hours, guaranteed after it has been removed from the water. SALMA is above all a product of high quality in terms of taste, texture and colour. The result: A net of extraordinary freshness and finesse. The development of this product was done in close collaboration with Norwegian chefs, including Bagatelle restaurant chef Eyvind Hellstrøm, and has been tested with reference chefs such as Heston Blumenthal, Paul Bocuse, Régis Marcon, Georges Blanc and Michel Roth.

The raviole of "Mother Maury"

This Romans gastronomic speciality is defined as "a small square of soft wheat flour dough, topped with a filling made of fresh cow's, emmental or county cheese, fresh eggs and parsley fried in butter". This culinary preparation has been protected since September 1998 by a "Label Rouge", under the name "raviole du Dauphiné".

Fillet of trout from the Vercors

After having taken its source at the Col du Rousset, the Vernaison descends the Vercors to join the Bourne, by Echevis. This is where Jean-François Murgat settled. In his ten pounds fed by the river's water, he raises his trout with patience and passion - the famous rainbows acclaimed by the restaurateurs and fishermen of the Plateau. Product labelled by the Parc Naturel Régional Du Vercors.

The "organic" beer from the Vercors.

Beers from organic farming, such as wine, are similar to those that make them. At La Chapelle en Vercors, Martin Torès' amber, golden, white and red mousses bring water (from the Vercors) to our mouths and reveal the character of a young independent brewer who shares with passion what nature has best!
La Roseraie offers you these "Slalom" beers to enjoy by the fireplace.

Fanck Repellin's organic honey

Franck Repellin: a beekeeper based in Villard de Lans, offers us a wide variety of organic honeys from the itinerancy of his hives.
Hotel La Roseraie will introduce you to the full range of its organic honeys.
Labelled as a product of the Vercors Natural Park, you can taste honey: dandelion, mountain, lavender, acacia and chestnut.... Products used by the Restaurant gastronomique de la Roseraie.
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