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Ouvert tous les jours midi et soir à partir du 21juin.
Nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer la nomination du restaurant dans le Michelin 2013.
Notre chef Johan Carrion a donc décroché sa première référence dans le fameux guide rouge.
Quant à l'hôtel il poursuit sa route entamé  depuis plusieurs années dans ce même guide.

Le restaurant reconnu par les Logis international et le Parc régional du Vercors, vous présente sa "nouvelle formule à petit prix" et la carte été élaboré par notre chef Johan Carrion. Un restaurant confortable, contemporain et un service attentif pour apprécier une cuisine gourmande qui invite à la découverte de notre région. Réservation au (Ouvert du 15/12 au 15/04 et du 25/05 au 15/09/2013).

La Roseraie c'est : se sentir bien dans une chambre claire et boisée à la décoration soignée, bienvenue chez nous...
Consulter notre page promotion pour découvrir nos offres spéciales.
Bien être à la Roseraie : profiter d'une séance de réflexologie plantaire "la détente à l'état pure". Unique à Villard de Lans : penser à réserver !
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"La Doline" the new restaurant of the hotel la Roseraie in Villard de Lans

Rewarded for its quality with a range in the Michelin guide since 2012, in the Gault & Millaud guide since 2017, by 3 Logis de France cocottes since 2011 and the title of Master Restorer in 2013. In a particularly pleasant setting combining contemporary furniture and the warmth of wood, the Roseraie restaurant and its chef, Sylvain Dessaules, will help you rediscover the traditional flavours of Vercors cuisine, a refined blend of modernity and authenticity.

Opening: from 29 June to 30 September 2019. Every evening and Sunday at noon.
Open all year round for lunch and dinner, on reservation for family celebrations, seminars, meetings or other events.
In summer: service on the garden terrace or in the air-conditioned room.
Reservation on 04 76 95 11 99

A character room with fireplace
Finnish mass stove.
Terrace and Garden
Playground for children

The summer menu

Choice: summer menu OR two- or three-course menu Tasting

Our entries

- Homemade French foie gras, with sichuan pepper and Imperial mandarin,
physalis chutney,
Beetroot and balsamic coulis,
toasts, mesclun with nuts 21 ?

- Doline salad:
mesclun, old-fashioned tomato tartar, Savoy raw ham shavings 16 months,
Parmesan cheese shavings, truffle vinaigrette and Nyons Igp olive oil,
Grenoble walnut 16 ? ?

- Vercors goat tomme board, walnut oil, red fruit compote, mesclun fresh sage vinaigrette 17 ?

- Warm Caillette from the Vercors tradition with walnuts, Balsamic cream with truffle,
mixed salad, condiments 18 ?

- Homemade Gravlax of lightly smoked Vercors salmon trout, shallots and chives,
Blinis, salted butter, mixed salad 18 ?

- Basil ravioli from the Maury mother, candied tomato sauce, piquillos,
Parmesan cheese chips 17 ?

Our meats and fish

- Fillet of salmon trout from the Vercors in papillote, hazelnuts, pine nuts and fir,
product labelled Parc du Vercors 24 ?

- Homemade burger, Aubrac beef steak, candied tomatoes, Vercors raclette, dried deer meat,
stewed onions, mesclun,
homemade burger sauce 22 ?

- Trio of Irish lamb chops grilled with thyme,
violet mustard cream,
crunchy tiles 25 ?

- Roasted Pike perch fillet on skin, pistachio and hazelnut crust,
seaweed cream 24 ?

- Grilled Veal Tab, Morel sauce 24 ?

All our meats and fish are served with a side dish of your choice (two extra side dishes for an extra ?3):
Ravioles de Romans, Gratin Dauphinois, Vegetables of the moment with churned butter, Homemade Potatoes.

Our cheeses and desserts

- Trio of PDO cheeses, Bleu du Vercors Sassenage, la Brique de Villard and Saint-Marcellin 12 ?

- Fromage blanc in faisselle (150gr) with organic chestnut honey (product labelled Parc du Vercors) and Grenoble walnuts Aop 9 ?

- Cèpe du Vercors, (vanilla ice cream, homemade meringues, hot chocolate) crunchy speculos 12 ?

- Dark Tanzanian chocolate cake,
heart of white coconut chocolate,
Tahiti vanilla rum custard 12 ?

- Fresh fruit salad with sorbet, whipped cream 9 ?

- Roasted fresh peach mumps with organic fir honey, fresh basil,
Homemade sorbet tarragon cottage cheese 12 ?

- Lesdiguières Cup: orange supreme in brown sugar, Chartreuse sorbet, Chartreuse liqueur, whipped cream 12 ?

- Gourmet tea infusion coffee 9 ?
- Le Génépi gourmand 9 ?
- The Scialet of the Vercors Gourman
(Lime sorbet, Blue Curacao) 9 ?

Our catering offer can be adapted to specific requirements: vegetarian or vegan, dietetic, allergic, hypocaloric.

Vegetarian Menu Gluten-free Menu

Doline menu - Vegetarian and Gluten-free 29 ?

- Basil ravioli from the Maury mother, candied tomato sauce,
piquillos, parmesan shavings
- or Planche de tomme de chèvre Vercors, walnut oil, compote of red fruits,
mesclun fresh sage vinaigrette

- Creamy risotto with almond milk, seasonal mushrooms and roasted hazelnuts,
- or Vegetarian Hamburger, candied tomatoes, Vercors raclette,
compote of onions, mesclun, homemade burger sauce

- White cheese in a dish (150gr) with cream or fruit sauce
- or Fresh fruit salad with sorbet, whipped cream
- or Dame du Vercors, (vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate)

The complete boards and their dessert of your choice on the menu

Single rate 35.90?

The plank of the terroir

Warm Caillette from the traditional Vercors, homemade sausage, our homemade Potatoes,
Vercors blue (I.g.p)
Mixed salad, walnuts (I.g.p), condiments.
A dessert of your choice

The Norwegian board

Homemade Gravlax of lightly smoked Vercors salmon trout (Product labelled Parc du Vercors) toast and churned butter, Ravioles de Romans, Mesclun of Grenoble walnut salad (I.g.p), chives cottage cheese, tomato.
A dessert of your choice

Mountain speciality formula and their dessert at your choice à la carte

(service for 2 people minimum price per person) 35.90 ?

The Savoyard Fondue

Served with: 16-month Savoyard raw ham, traditional homemade Caillette, Coppa di Parma (I.g.p), dried deer, homemade sausage according to arrival, white ham, condiments, mixed salad with Grenoble nuts (I.g.p) -
A dessert of your choice on the men


La Tartiflette (on order the day before)

Served with: 16-month Savoyard raw ham, homemade quail, Coppa di parma I.g.p, Grison meat, Homemade sausage according to arrival, White ham, condiments, mixed salad with Grenoble Aop nuts
A dessert of your choice on the menu

Toddlers' menu 15 ?

Toddler Menu 14.50 ? (Up to 10 years old)

Beef steak or breaded chicken aiguillette
or white ham or fish fillet
Ravioles or homemade Potatoes or fried vegetables
Smarties ice cream" or faisselle or caramel cream
A syrup of your choice
(A children's cutlery without menu 8?)

All our Dishes are homemade and made on site from raw products, except Children's Menu Some dishes may be modified or missing, depending on the arrivals La Doline benefits from the title of Master Restaurant.Meat from France in accordance with decree 2002 - 1465 of 17 December 2002. Information on allergens in dishes is available at the reception desk. Net prices, Payment by: cash, credit card, holiday voucher, the restaurant no longer accepts vouchers. Open every evening from 7pm to 9pm. For lunch only on reservation subject to availability. Tel. 0476951199.
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Restaurant La Doline

309, Avenue du Professeur Nobécourt

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